Accelerator Fund

Encouraging companies to develop skills and grow

Mining expansion is driving rapid economic, social and population growth of North-Western Province.  There is high demand for everything from basic food and provisions to high-tech engineering and support yet most foodstuffs and other necessities are imported into the province.  Also applies to the Southern Province of Democratic Republic of Congo, with a population of 10,000,000 that imports most of its produce.

There are big opportunities for local firms to meet this supply gap.  However, many local supply firms lack the management skills and finance to exploit these opportunities.  This is where the PEPZ Accelerator Fund steps in.

Called Kukula Seed, it is the only Zambian private equity fund in operations and it predominantly focuses on North-Western Province.  It provides finance to businesses by actively incubating start-up companies and seeks to invest in scalable enterprises that can create jobs both now and in the future.

The Accelerator Fund team identifies projects with attractive long-term growth prospects and invests actively alongside technically strong industry-specific partners.  The investment size is typically 1-5 million Kwacha in a combination of debt and equity.

The medium term aim is to create financially viable medium to large sized companies that can provide long-term job opportunities and have a positive impact on the growth and financial diversity of Zambia.

Success to date

Identified 9 projects and agreed a development programme with each. Projects range from dairy farming to sanitation solutions and microfinancing to building materials.
Committed to invest over K80 million ($8 million) with K38 million ($3.8 million) already disbursed.
Generated 179 new jobs.

Accelerator Fund Success Stories

  • Metal fabrication success

    Accelerator Fund and Engineering team join forces to bring state-of-the-art metal fabrication services to Solwezi

Partner With Us

  • Partner With Us

    Unlike some other programmes, PEPZ is delighted to cooperate with commercial organisations and private sector partners as well as member organisations, official bodies and government institutions.
    If you would like to explore ways that your organisation could benefit from linking with PEPZ, get in touch.